The future of humanity and our planet is full of uncertainty. Some people want to create change but feel trapped by a system enslaved by money. Others are working to create change but feel swamped by a rising tide of social and environmental problems. The pressing question seems to be: how do we lead meaningful change and avoid colluding with ‘the system’ that entraps us?

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking Albert Einstein

It is our belief that to know our true nature, and generate leadership in collusion with the earth rather than ‘the system’, we can take ourselves out of our ‘rat race’ and spend meaningful time in wildness. With each day spent in the wild, we gain a greater sense of belonging, we sink into being rather than doing and wake up to a world more real and full of possibility. From here the potential for different ways of being in the world can emerge. A new story of reality can be written from knowing of our wilder selves.

Leading Wild offers you such opportunities by taking you (with expert teachers and guides) deep into the planet’s most pristine wilderness areas. It will restore your wonder for the world, reboot your excitement at being alive and rekindle the leader within.

We need to honour again the wisdom of the body, locating knowing in the experience of sensation instead of intellectually elaborated paradigms of thought…. our body is that piece of wilderness that we carry around with us all the time, a living ecology which provides a home to many creatures and life events. Professor Peter Reason

Leading Wild is the initiative of Jem Bendell and Georgia Wingfield-Hayes. Between us we have three decades experience of teaching and counselling, with recent work focused on the fields of leadership, sustainability and wellbeing. See who we are and our next retreat in Costa Rica in January 2017.

Our guide Georgia reflects on why we choose some of the most biodiverse locations:

I was walking with a friend one evening, when I paused to revel at the call of the song thrush. So beautiful. I said “can you imagine if the thrush went extinct, we wouldn’t hear that beautiful call, it would feel like a part of me was missing.” My friend agreed and then after a moment of thought said, “but what about the nightingale? Generations past probably said that of its song, but we don’t even know it…”

And so it goes – shifting baseline syndrome moving each generation another step away from the wild. We don’t know anything is missing unless we have a chance to steep ourselves back into wilderness once more. Leading Wild aims to reset your baseline, so that you may be more prescient to this. Our retreat locations are chosen because they are where the sounds of the wild others can still be heard. Through these experiences we aim to foster personal transformation so that people may find the wilder places within themselves to inspire them in their leadership for change.

We acknowledge that these valuable experiences have an environmental footprint. Therefore we work with venues that actively support conservation in their locale, and 5% of participants’ fees support projects that conserve both existing biodiversity and appropriate reforestation projects. More information is available on request.