Leading Wild, in Osa, Costa Rica

Journey into wildness, to discover the true nature of the leader within you

December, 2017 (date to be confirmed)

An immersive adventure into the pristine wilderness of the Osa peninsula – her rainforest, wild beaches and Pacific Ocean that surrounds. This is a truly wild place that calls to the wild within us.

This retreat is for people who sense that turbulent times lie ahead for us and our planet, who want time out to restore their sense of wonder, to face and overcome existential fears, to understand more about change, and their role in helping it happen.

Professor Jem Bendell and Georgia Wingfield-Hayes will be your guides for the retreat.

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Wilderness all inclusive (minus flights and visas)

  • All teachings by Professor Jem Bendell and Georgia Wingfield-Hayes (roughly 2 sessions a day)
  • 5 nights accommodation at the Guaria de Osa eco-retreat centre
  • 3 delicious, fresh meals a day with vegetarian options
  • Optional daily yoga and meditation (in the beautiful yoga studio or on the beach)
  • Optional dawn wildlife hikes along rainforest and beach trails
  • Wilderness excursions: There will be 2 main excursions with expert local guides (see details below)
  • Transfers to and from Guaria de Osa from Sierpe

Wilderness excursions

A boat trip out into the Pacific Ocean where we hope to meet the humpback whales who come here to breed and have their young; various species of dolphin, including bottle nose, spinner and common pacific; sea turtles and other beautiful creatures that live in these crystal clear waters. If the opportunity arises we will swim with the wild dolphins.


A hike deep into Corcovado National Park with an expert local guide. We hope to spot some of this rainforests more elusive inhabitants.


About Corcovado National Park

Encompasses an area of 424 square kilometres (164 sq mi), and bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Corcovado is the largest park in Costa Rica. It is widely considered to be the crown jewel of the extensive national parks and biological reserve system across the country. The ecological variety is stunning. National Geographic called it “the most biologically intense place on Earth”.


The park conserves the largest primary forest on the American Pacific coastline and one of the few remaining sizeable areas of lowland tropical forest in the world. It is home to the endangered Baird’s tapir and is a stronghold of the jaguar and other wild cats including the ocelot, margay, jaguarundi and puma. All four Costa Rican monkey species can be seen, including the endangered Central American squirrel monkey, white-faced capuchin, mantled howler, and Geoffroy’s spider monkey. There 140 species of mammal in all and 367 species of bird, including parrots, eagles, macaws and toucans.

Osa photo gallery

About the venue – Guaria de Osa


Guaria de Osa (Orchid of the Osa) will be our home for the duration of the retreat. Located on a wild beach, just outside Corcovado National Park, Guaria de Osa is a beautiful and spacious eco-retreat centre. It’s grounds comprise of a wonderful ethnobotanical garden, which itself is surrounded by rainforest that reaches up onto the ridge behind and beyond. There are no roads here: access to Guaria will be by boat down the Sierpe river, through the largest expanse of Mangroves in Central America, then out onto the Pacific Ocean and along the coast to Bahia Paraiso (Paradise Bay).


Guaria de Osa is run by its founder Jonathon Miller Weisberger, an ethnobotanist who has lived most of his life in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Ecuador. He is the author of Rainforest Medicine – preserving indigenous science and biodiversity in the upper Amazon. He is the creator of the beautiful ethnobotanical garden that cradles Guaria de Osa.



Most of our time will be spent as a group, exploring and learning under the guidance of Jem and Georgia. There will also be opportunities to take time for yourself, to walk the beach and rainforest trails; to surf, swim or snorkel at Paradise Bay (just to the north); or simply relax.

Pelican sunset


$1700 per person

10% reduction if you pay a 25% deposit by July 20th 2016.

25% reduction on your own fee if you book another person on the retreat!

Full payment must be made by October 31st 2016. Cancellations after that receive 50% refund.

For further details on who is coming, or to apply, click here


Sitting on a sun bleached, driftwood log, as waves crash on the wild shore. The sun is dropping towards the ocean as you take a deep breath, drawing in the warm salty air. Three scarlet macaws fly overhead and land in the tropical almond trees nearby, squawking loudly, as if arguing over who eats where. Then a group of pelicans go by, drift along the top of the surf, elegant and effortless. You sit, soaking it all in as a gentle breeze caresses your warm skin. Howler monkeys sound out their deep reverberant call in the jungle up on the ridge behind, as the sun begins to set on the vast ocean. You sink your toes deep into the warm sand, as you sink into being – part of this wildness.

Your guides have been teaching and counselling for over 30 years combined, with recent years focused on the fields of leadership, sustainability and wellbeing. See our approach, who we are and make contact.


We acknowledge that these valuable experiences have an environmental footprint. Therefore we work with venues that actively support conservation in their locality, and 5% of participants’ fees support projects that conserve both existing biodiversity and appropriate reforestation projects. More information is available on request.

Getting there

We recommend Adventure Inn as a place to stay in San Jose. They give an extra 10% discount to Guaria de Osa clients. Transfers to and from Guaria de Osa from Sierpe (departing 11am Jan 3rd, returning 1pm Jan 8th). For travel from San Jose to Sierpe there are a number of options. There is local airport is Palmar Sur, please note, it is a 30 minute taxi ride from Palmar Sur airport to Sierpe. Another option is a minibus from San Jose to Sierpe leaving at 6am on Jan 3rd, this can be arranged if enough people request it.

Osa map (1)
Guaria de Osa is located in the north west of the peninsula, at San Pedrillo